Mark Wahlberg


23 Mar, 2007

Wahlberg plays Bob Lee Swagger, who is a U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant. He is double-crossed and framed for a plot to kill the President and goes on the run to find the real killer and the reason he was set up. This action drama is directed by Antoine Fuqua. Co-starring Danny Glover, Ned Beatty, Michael Peña, Tate Donovan and Kate Mara.

Compared to Invincible, it was nothing. It was a walk in the park. But getting down to be as thin as I was for the movie, that was difficult. Then of course there was all the mental prep, learning everything that snipers need to know in the short amount of time that we had. It was a lot of running and jumping in this one.

Shooter Movie Trailer

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