Maroon 5

It Won’t Be Soon Before Long

22 May, 2007

It_Wont_Be_Soon_Before_LongMaroon 5 releases their second studio album titled It Won’t Be Soon Before Long. The record features 12 tracks and six bonus tracks including the singles Makes Me Wonder and Wake Up Call. Maroon 5 took inspiration from Michael Jackson and Price when writing, recording and producing the album with Mike Elizondo, Mark Endert and Sam Farrar.

While we were on the road in Australia four years ago, Jesse (Carmichael) wrote this progression and we were jamming on it. I took that progression and made a demo of the song minus the chorus. The song sat around for four years. Then (four years later) the band minus me had this jam session and Mickey (Madden) wrote this bass line that everyone wound up jamming on. I took that jam session, put it on the speakers and wrote a melody over it. Then in the eleventh hour of making the record, we wound up tacking on that progression and melody to the original Makes Me Wonder, and now we had a chorus and there it is.

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