Michael JacksonInterview

GetMusic.com interview

26 Oct, 2001

Jackson is audio interviewed by Anthony Decurtis and talks about the creation of the You Rock My World video, the inspiration to create Ghosts with a comical edge, the Guinness Book of World records recognition and what inspires him to create original music. He also talks about how important it is to be an innovator and pioneer as an artist.

I kinda parallel it to a, uh, you know… It’s like the gestation process of, uh, birth. You know, it’s a… You know, it’s like having children, and having to raise them and bring them out into the world, and once they get into the world they’re on their own. So, it’s, it’s, very exciting. I mean, you never get too used to it, ever. It’s, uh, an incredible process. But you leave it in the hands of God, like you do when you’re having a child.

Michael Jackson Interview with GetMusic.com - Part 1

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