Philip Seymour HoffmanFilm Appearance


25 Dec, 2008

Hoffman plays Father Flynn in this drama from John Patrick Shanley. Sister Aloysius Beauvier , a Catholic school principal, questions Father Flynn’s relationship with a young, male student and recruits Sister James to monitor the priest’s actions. It is left up to the viewer to decide if her suspicions are correct or if she wants Father Flynn removed for her own reasons. Co-starring Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, and Viola Davis. Hoffman speaks of researching the life of a priest.

Just I know this priest now and he told me about what was happening to the Catholic Church in the ’60s, and it was very informative and helpful. And then he just kind of told me…he kind of led me though the business of being a priest. The business around Mass and what they do and what they’re wearing and what it means and everything, so it was very helpful. Past that, I didn’t go in any deeper than that because the play is not really about the Catholic Church. The venue has to be convincing, but ultimately what we’re getting at is something that’s not about the Catholic Church. It’s about something else.

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