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Meets Scott family

9 Apr, 2015

Santana meets Scott parentsSantana meets the Scott family at their Charleston, South Carolina, home. Judy Scott:

Oh, thank you God! Thank you Lord! Blessed God! Thank you, thank you God. Thank you, thank you!

Walter Scott, Sr.:

Thank you for another son, God, thank you. You’ve got a family in Charleston right now… anytime.

Walter Scott’s son, Walter Jr.:

You did a good thing, Brother. I don’t know how this would’ve turned out without the video, I just want to thank you. I don’t know how much I could thank you more.


Just amazing that they know the truth, you know. And they know that Mr Scott won’t, like I say, this didn’t just happen and stay that way. God put me there for a reason, I’m a very believer of God.

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