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Tyson ‘more interested in talking about McGregor than boxing’

20 Sep, 2016

The journalist who interviewed Tyson for Sports illustrated says that Tyson is no longer interested in talking about boxing.

He has two children and he’s basically, exactly, the suburban daddy, wears his Dad jeans, takes his kids from tutoring to their tennis lessons. And he still works. He does these one-man shows but clearly being a Dad and being there to help his kids is really a big part of his life…I don’t think he’s proud of Mike Tyson the fighter. With the interview, we spent a few hours at his house and he was very gracious with his time. And if you wanted to talk about current events or the Olympics or Donald Trump, you name your topic and he would be great – except he wanted nothing to do with boxing. He doesn’t follow the sport anymore. He wasn’t particularly interested in reliving fights. His professional fighting career is of no interest to him. One thing I took away was that all of his bad memories somehow or other were related to boxing whether it was the end when he was losing fights that he never should have taken or whether it was the physical pain he inflicted on someone else or whether it was some of the criminal activity… basically every bad memory he has, came by way of boxing. [He’s] more interested in talking about Conor McGregor than he is with anything to do with boxing today.

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