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Car thieves arrested

6 Jun, 2014

Los Angeles Police Department confirms Naomi Charles, 21, an LA fitness model, and Taylor Scott, 19, from Arizona have been arrested for residential burglary and they are being held on a $50,000 bail. TMZ claims the pair, who appear to be a couple, were identified by officers while walking in North Hollywood, and recognizable from the surveillance video of the theft.

A witness spotted a man drop the Maserati Quattroporte off in the Simi Valley area of Los Angeles last Friday night and gave the description to law enforcement officers. The man then ‘jumped into the passenger seat of another car and drove off’. The car was abandoned all weekend and was picked up by police on Monday afternoon following calls from concerned neighbors.

According to Maricopa County court records Scott was arrested in Arizona twice last year, once for 2nd degree Burglary, Theft of Means of Transportation (Auto Theft) and Drug Paraphernalia – Possession/Use; earlier he had been arrested for Unlawful Use of Means of Transportation, i.e. joyriding.

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