Miranda LambertSingle Release

Dead Flowers

4 May, 2009

Lambert releases her single, Dead Flowers, from her album, Revolution. Lambert:

This was really one of those songs that just hit me. It just wrote itself. It was about 30 minutes—and I’d written it. I’d thrown the flowers in the yard that I’d gotten for Valentine’s Day. It was sad, you know. They weren’t dead, but I had to leave and go on the road. They were going to be dead when I got back, so that’s kind of where the song came from.

The video is basically written around every single lyric of the song—from dead flowers to Christmas lights to the wind. It’s just a kind of a going through your house type of thing—just being really introverted and just really depressed about the state of your relationship. I love it when video directors take the lyrics of your song and really portray every single little detail because, as a writer, that’s my baby, and I want it to be a real depiction. Randee St. Nicholas is a great director. I knew that she could draw that emotion back out of me because I obviously had that emotion at one time.

Miranda Lambert - Dead Flowers

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