Miranda LambertSingle Release

The House That Built Me

8 Mar, 2010

Lambert releases a single that tells a story about a woman who returns to the steps of her childhood home. In the song, she asks the owner if she may come inside the house for a moment:

Everybody’s had that comfortable home place—or maybe even a person— that made you who you are, but that you can’t ever really go back to. I grew up on an old dairy farm in the country. We had older ladies knock on the door all the time and ask if they could come in because they were raised there, or their husband lived there when they got married… so many different stories. My mom would give them tea, and I’d sit there and listen to them tell the story about our house. And now I know the people that live there. I would be really sad if I could never go back there again… because our dog is buried in the yard, and there are just so many memories. I heard this song and I cried for two hours. When a song hits you like that, you know it’s gonna affect other people the same way.

Miranda Lambert - The House That Built Me

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