Mt. Gox

Joins Linux Cyberjoueurs

Oct 2003

Hired by Linux Cyberjoueurs, Owned by Stephane Portha, the company develops Flash games and Graal online, an MMO RPG. Through the following year Portha complains that Karpeles is spending too much time on internet chats instead of coding.

Mr. Karpeles,

I find myself obliged to notify you of a reprimand for your misconduct.

You have been notified on numerous occasions that the use of the [workplace’s] Internet and your computer are reserved for your professional work, but that occasional private use is tolerated provided that it does not impede the good conduct of the affairs of the company. (See your contract of employment)

In the office Friday, March 12, 2004 I observed that you not only did not do your [coding] work, but that you were [instead] using Internet chat software.

Also, I found it particularly troubling that you would lie [to me] when i asked you about what you were working on and that you [did not stop] your use of this software to chat after several requests for explanation [of your behavior].

If this happens again, we will be compelled to take serious disciplinary action, rather than a simple reprimand.

Please accept my sentiments on this matter, sir.

Stephane Portha

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Mt. Gox

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