Participates in ‘Net Neutrality Day’

10 Sep, 2014

As part of a protest against a recent proposal from the Federal Communications Commission that would open the door for internet service providers to charge consumers more for “prioritized” data, an image of a wheel spinning infinitely will display on Netflix and numerous other sites today.  The spinning wheel will switch between saying “If there were internet slow lanes, you’d still be waiting” and “Protect internet freedom, defend net neutrality.” When users click on the pop-up buffering wheel, they will be redirected to the homepage for “Battle For The Net,” an activist website that invites users to “Join the battle for net neutrality” and shows users how to send a letter lawmakers in protest. The new FCC proposal would enable companies like Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon to charge a fee to highly frequented websites, like Netflix, to ensure they were part of an internet “fast lane.” If a website chooses not to pay the fee, the internet providers could then deliberately slow down internet speeds to that website, prioritizing those that pay.

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