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Sturgeon on Godley comments: ‘These things happen’

10 Sep, 2021

Sturgeon comments on Godley’s offensive comments:

The tweets that were brought to my attention yesterday were completely unacceptable, completely beyond the pale. I would not in any way, shape or form seek to defend them.

When asked about the decision to scrap the videos:

These things happen. The important thing is that action was taken. The most important thing to me from the start of this pandemic has been the integrity of our public health message and that has involved difficult decisions from me over the past 18 months and that’s the priority we have attached to this particular incident…Janey has apologised – I think she has been pretty straightforward and dignified in her apology. She’s a comedian – as she said herself she thought it gave her licence to say things that she now accepts were completely out of order and unacceptable. When people make mistakes, the culture we live in, the climate we live in these days is pretty unforgiving. Therefore, I’m a great believer that when people make mistakes, and I apply this to myself as well, it’s really important to hold your hands up to it and apologise where that is required. But perhaps we should all recognise that none of us are infallible.

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