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The Lamb movie interview

Jun 1980

Gabriel talks about The Lamb movie to KR0Q Radio in Los Angeles:

I hope so. I spent a couple of months working with Alexander Jodorowsky, who directed El TopoTar Babies and Holy Mountain, which were not very well known, but are cult movies over here. I felt instinctively that he really understood what I was trying to articulate on that album and the story. We changed a few things, and finished the script, and handed it over to the film company who are a little reluctant to put the money up when I was dropped by the American label over here. So it’s hovering in the balance a bit, because even though there is the name of Genesis to sell the soundtrack, they also want a return from their investment on my product as well. So I’m hoping we can get things sorted otherwise we’ll look for other backers. But is is hovering in the balance at the moment.

Peter Gabriel - THE LAMB MOVIE

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