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Steven Covert named Principal

20 Feb, 2013

Sarasota Schools Superintendent Lori White names Covert — a school administrator from Fredericksburg, Virginia — as the next principal at Pine View School. Pending School Board approval, Covert will start July 1 and get paid $119,419 a year. Steve Cantees, the district’s executive director for high schools said:

We felt like at the end of the process we landed on the right person. He’s the perfect fit.

Sarasota officials liked Covert because he built up the gifted program back in Virginia and is passionate about the arts, science, technology, engineering and math.Covert started as a Spanish teacher  at Spotsylvania High School and  has spent most of his career in the high-performing district an hour south of Washington, D.C.  His father was also a school principal Covert said of his move to Sarasota:

We immediately felt at home. I couldn’t have had a better feeling. I immediately knew it was going to be the right fit. I’m glad they also feel that.

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