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13 Oct, 2015

Stops charging for fetal tissue program

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Planned Parenthood announces it will stop accepting reimbursements for fetal tissue donations used for medical research. Richards says the move is to debunk GOP attacks:

In order to completely debunk the disingenuous argument that our opponents have been using – and to reveal the true political purpose of these attacks – our Federation has decided, going forward, that any Planned Parenthood health center that is involved in donating tissue after an abortion for medical research will follow the model already in place at one of our two affiliates currently facilitating donations for fetal tissue research…Going forward, all of our health centers will follow the same policy, even if it means they will not recover reimbursements permitted by the 1993 law…[This decision is meant] to take away any basis for attacking Planned Parenthood to advance an anti-abortion political agenda.

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