David A. CondonRachael DolezalAccusation

Told to quit Ombudsman position

17 Jun, 2015

Mayor Condon calls for Dolezal to resign from her chairpersonship  of the Office of the Police Ombudsman Commission. A city report states that she has failed to safeguard secret information and talks about it publicly, among several violations. Report findings:

Commissioner Dolezal engaged in conduct that humiliated, insulted or degraded…While working for the commission, she was simultaneously protesting police violence and speaking out about recent police cases involving violence against blacks.

Training incident details:

[She] asked questions that were, ‘hostile and accusatory,’ specifically inquiring if all the suspects in the training scenarios were black. When told that the first scenario of training had included only white suspects, she turned her body away from the officers and busied herself with her cellphone.

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