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3 Aug, 2015

Seized liquor bottle contains air freshener

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Barton's Gin bottle DuboseLab tests confirm that contents of a bottle of Barton’s gin seized by Tensing in Dubose’s traffic stop are, as Dubose had said, air freshener. The liquid tests negative for ethyl alcohol. Hamilton County Coroner:

[The liquid] consistent with compounds commonly found in fragrance products such as air fresheners and perfumes.

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This statement is the lies. The two previous statements of police that in a bottle was alcohol (on the statement of the black press – liquor) correspond of reality to a greater degree.
To determine of the ethyl alcohol no required tests.
The lie has appeared after the announcement that the President of the United States is complicit in the dissemination of methods of genocide used by the zionists-fascists in Russia and Ukraine.
Now, the poisonous alcohol is used in the US for the genocide of the true Americans.