Rosamund PikeMagazine Cover

Glamour cover

1 Oct, 2014

gone-girl-rosamund-pike-glamour-magazinePike appears on the cover of the October 2014 issue of Glamour magazine. She talks about sex scenes, doing magazine covers while pregnant, and doing kids and career at once.

The question is really why do so many women’s careers take off just as they have children? Is it because you are risking everything in your relationship and the risk taker in you carries through into your professional life? You have less time to worry and overanalyze—maybe that’s it. Or the huntress instinct to provide for your family is awoken. [Either way,] with children you spend so much time reexperiencing the world as a child experiences it, and that has a nourishing effect on your imagination—in my job, imagination is key.

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