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Ryan Hoover

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Ryan Hoover an American entrepreneur. He is the founder of Product Hunt, a website that allows users to discover new technology products.

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19 Oct, 2015

Adds live video chat

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Product Hunt, in collaboration with Blab, adds live video chats to its AMA section Viewers can interact with those on video either by writing in comments, or by joining via video themselves. The streams can be embedded online and archived

Product Hunt has always been about authentic conversations between makers and the community. LIVE video chats extend this concept even further, giving participants an opportunity to ‘sit in the room’ with guests to ask questions and hear their unfiltered answers.

20 Oct, 2014

Product Hunt Radio 27


Hoover talks with Ricketts, the editor of First Round Review and Hayes, a First Round Capital partner, about products that kids use, and new products including the Android messaging app Snowball, search and archiving app Slack, the teacher/student/parent communication app Remind, and Rings wearables for cellphones.


17 Oct, 2014

TWiST – Tinder etiquette


Calacanis, Sarver, and Hoover talk on This Week In Startups about etiquette on the dating app. Calacanis:

Are you on the Tinder with all those other kids?


I had my first Tinder date, like, a month ago


You really went on a Tinder date. What’s that like?


It was normal. She was fine.

Jason Calacanis learns Tinder etiquette from Ryan Hoover and Ryan Sarver

15 Oct, 2014

Bloomberg TV interview

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Hoover talks with Liu and Sculley about why teenagers like Product Hunt:

Teenagers are always looking for the next thing.

On whether the apps on the site will make good companies:

It’s not our job to make sure these turn into companies. Most of them should not be companies. They’re not companies but hopefully they can inspire somebody to take them and use them in their own companies or products.

14 Oct, 2014

Launches ProductPsychology


Hoover, Eyal, and Elman of Greylock Partners among other product-focused creators launch the weekly course on the psychology of user behavior. (Website here.) Eyal says the idea is to understand:

The deeper reasons underlying why users do what they do.

13 Oct, 2014

Product Hunt Radio 26


Ryan talks with Chen, an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, and Eyal, a blogger and the author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products. They discuss the Ethan app that allows users to chat with Gliechtenstein, habit-forming products, and the pet products like BarkShop, BarkBox, and BarkCam.



ProductHunt Community NYC interview

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Hoover does an ask-me-anything style interview with the NYC Product Hunt community. On what the next three months looks like for Product Hunt:

We’re really focusing on recruiting and building out the team and the existing product, and focusing on our current community and audience

AMA with Product Hunt Founder Ryan Hoover - Full

12 Oct, 2014

Mashable interview

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Hoover talks about the growth of Product Hunt and how people now recognize him in public:

It’s been happening more than I would expect lately. It makes me feel slightly more self-conscious and aware of what I’m doing.

8 Oct, 2014

Confirms $6.1m Series A


Product Hunt confirms the round led by Andreessen Horowitz and including A16Z and Ohanian. Hoover says he’s been in touch with Ohanian since before he joined Y Combinator:

Garry Tan introduced me [to Ohanian] and we Skyped for an hour. He immediately got what we were building and provided me with advice on how he built the community in the early days of Reddit


Makeshift interview

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Hoover talks about why he would rather take the risk of working at a startup:

I can’t see myself working at a larger company.  I enjoy the absurdity of startups — the (almost irrational) hope of directly impacting a big change in peoples’ lives.  I’d much rather have “high-high’s” and “low-low’s” than the “medium-medium’s” of big businesses.  Ultimately my goal is to learn while building something I’m passionate about and startups are the best place for me to do that.

30 Sep, 2014

Product Hunt Radio 25


Hoover talks with teenage product creators Ryan Orbuch of Finish, Gewn Brinsmead from Appmesh, and Ari Weinstein from DeskConnect and Workflow about productivity tools, photo apps, and teenage tech culture. Orbuch on why people don’t pay for apps:

There’s this analogy that people will pay $5 for a cup of coffee without thinking about it, but there isn’t a shelf of free coffee next to it that’s just about as good.


27 Sep, 2014

Advice for Y Combinator applicants


Hoover gives three pieces of advice to a Y Combinator hopeful who wrote to him:

– Be honest and real. The partners will know if you’re bullshitting.

– Know your metrics. Be able to describe which ones are most important and why.

– Describe how your startup can become a billion dollar business, but don’t try to fit a square peg in a round hole. Think big and be pragmatic.

23 Sep, 2014

Product Hunt Radio 24


Hoover talks with John and Sam Shahidi, co-creators of the Shots photo app, online bullying, music discovery, and how Shots shares what users are doing via photos and selfies.


16 Sep, 2014

Product Hunt Radio 23


Hoover talks to Bahat and Strickland of Bloomberg Beta, the Bloomberg-backed venture fund about how the fund works, and the future of Product Hunt. Bahat:

Whatever we don’t like that we see others doing in the industry, we try to do the opposite of…so we open-sourced our full operating manual



10 Sep, 2014

Product Hunt Radio 22


Hoover talks with Circa co-founder and CEO Galligan and Block, AOL’s VP for Product, about the iPhone 6, Apple Pay, the Apple Watch, and how TechCrunch had Hoover speak right after the Apple product announcements. Galligan:

That was kind of a dick move.



9 Sep, 2014

Disrupt Interview

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Hoover talks about what Product Hunt is and what the future holds for the site.

At its core it’s a very simple product and within it we’ve created this community of people who are very passionate about products.

1 Sep, 2014

Product Hunt Radio 23


Hoover talks with Femgineer founder Poornima Vijayashanker and Julia Grace, head of engineering at Tindie, about tools to communicate with remote teams, email and products to fight digital distractions. They discuss theScreenhero collaborative screen sharing and chat app, software building product Pivotal Tracker and the Asana app that enables teamwork without email.


28 Aug, 2014

Ryan Hoover AMA


Hoover answers questions on the logo, joining Y Combinator, and how it selects products.

We encourage people to share their product on PH as this sparks discussion and frankly drives more traffic to the site; however, the quality of products (which I know, is subjective) is incredibly important. If people are disinterested in the products featured on PH, nothing else matters.

26 Aug, 2014

Product Hunt Radio 20


Hoover talks with Notation Capital partner Nick Chirls, Red Swan Ventures partner Will Peng, Teehan & Lax partner Jon Lax, and Electric Objects founder Jake Levine. They discuss hardware startups, artwork, and crimefighting robots.