Sandra BullockFilm Appearance

The Lake House

16 Jun, 2006

Bullock plays Kate Forster in this fantasy time-travel romance directed by Alejandro Agresti. Kate is a doctor who moves out of a house by a lake and leaves a note in the mailbox for the next tenant, Alex Wyler, played by Keanu Reeves. He reads the note but doesn’t understand because when he moved into the house, it had been unoccupied for years. In his world, it is 2004, but in hers, it is 2006.  With impossible time and distance between them, they somehow strike up a correspondence and fall in love by leaving notes in that mailbox.

I was looking for a love story, I’ve always wanted to do one and I read it and as soon as I read it, it was like, you know those novels that you read when you were younger and you were absolutely lost in that scenario.

The Lake House – Trailer HD

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