Scott WalkerMakes Statement

Touts accomplishments

8 May, 2007

Walker touts his accomplishments in speeches that he is getting county government turned around. He has presented the board with five annual budgets without any tax increases, even though this year the county is projected to have a $40 million deficit, he has cut off overly generous pension benefits for new employees, cut the county workforce by almost 20%, and has returned $60,000 in his annual salary. He is pushing for a water park on the county’s north side, and approves of spending $300,000 to clean up lagoons in the parks. He has improved mental health services, encouraged heavier lakefront patrols, endorsed more than $300 million for development of the Park East freeway corridor, and negotiated a new labor agreement that included health insurance concessions. He has long term goals for the county. When asked about running for reelection:

It would be hard to imagine putting out a list of five-year plans without planning on being around in five years.

On the other hand, some criticize him for deterioration of county parks and facilities, rejecting some privatization ideas, and the county board having a strong record of overriding his vetoes.

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