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Bag of Bones

11 Dec, 2011

Pierce Brosnan stars in the A&E Network special four hour mini series of King’s Bag of Bones. Directed by Mick Garris, the film premieres as two separate episodes of two hours long. 3.37 million viewers tune in to watch Brosnan portray a grieving novelist who secludes himself in a lake house after the death of his wife. Durring filming, Garris made sure that he and King stayed in constant contact because Garris wanted to make sure that he portrayed the writer’s work precisely.

I sent him dailies regularly and we did talk, but he’s pretty much a guy who likes to let you do what you’ll do. He learned, a long time ago, of the frustrations of attaching yourself emotionally to a film made from your book that may not turn out well. He’s been able to successfully maintain a balance between the books staying what they are and the movies being what they are, whether he’s involved or not.

Trailer for "Bag of Bones"

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