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Austin: McGregor needs to learn more about what WWE fighters do

18 Mar, 2017

Austin says that McGregor should stop criticising WWE and learn more about what the wrestlers actually do.

The dude [McGregor] is a wrestling fan from way back and I love to watch him. But if anybody in the UFC or MMA world ain’t got no respect for pro wrestling, just the lifestyle and brutality of it, I would invite you to take your training camp to a different town and train in a different town everyday just like the WWE people do. Then go home on the couple days we give you, and then go back on the road, take that training camp and get ready for a big ass fight. When you throw the travel in, you ain’t got no posse taking care of your ass, you’re doing it solo. Go do that, do it for 10-15 years and then report back to me, because I want to see what the science and the lifestyle taught you about what the f-ck we do.

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