Keith RichardsThe Rolling StonesSingle Release

Fool To Cry

26 Apr, 1976

The band releases their song, Fool To Cry, from the album, Black And Blue. Richards:

I was just glad somebody in the band could sing that falsetto. I got a pretty good falsetto myself. But when you got a singer and he can hit those notes, baby go for it. And Mick was always fascinated with the falsetto Soul singers like Aaron Neville. That’s crafty stuff, you know what I mean? But he’d been listening to so many people. It’s kinda like what goes in, will come out. You’ll just hear a phrase or a piece of music. And one way or another it’s part of your experience. And a lot of the time it comes out what you do without even realizing it. I don’t really like to think about these things too much. It’s more to do with feeling than intellectualizing about it.

The Rolling Stones - Fool To Cry - OFFICIAL PROMO

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