Mick JaggerThe Rolling StonesSingle Release

Star Star

Dec 1973

The band releasesStar Star, from, Goat’s Head Soup.  Jagger:

People always give me this bit about us being a macho band, and I always ask them to give me examples. Under My Thumb… Yes, but they always say Starf--ker, and that just happened to be about someone I knew. There’s really no reason to have women on tour, unless they’ve got a job to do. The only other reason is to f--k. Otherwise they get bored, they just sit around and moan. It would be different if they did everything for you, like answer the phones, make the breakfast, look after your clothes and your packing, see if the car was ready, and f--k. Sort of a combination of what (road manager) Alan Dunn does and a beautiful chick.

The Rolling Stones - Star Star (Live) - Official

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