Mick JaggerThe Rolling StonesSingle Release

Tumbling Dice

14 Apr, 1972

The band releases, Tumbling Dice, from, Exile On Main St. Jagger:

This was originally titled Good Time Woman. It started out with a great riff from Keith and we had it down as a completed song called Good Time Women. That take is one of the bonus tracks on the new Exile package; it was quite fast and sounded great but I wasn’t happy with the lyrics.
Later, I got the title in my head, ‘call me the tumbling dice’ so I had the theme for it. I didn’t know anything about dice playing but I knew lots of jargon used by dice players. I’d heard gamblers in casinos shouting it out.
I asked my housekeeper if she played dice. She did and she told me these terms. That was the inspiration.

The Rolling Stones – Tumbling Dice (Live) – OFFICIAL

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