Keith RichardsThe Rolling StonesSingle Release

Wild Horses

12 Jun, 1971

The band releasesWild Horses, from the album, Sticky Fingers. Richards:

Wild Horses almost wrote itself. It was really a lot to do with, once again, f-cking around with the tunings. I found these chords, especially doing it on a twelve-string to start with, which gave the song this character and sound. There’s a certain forlornness that can come out of a twelve-string. I started off, I think, on a regular six-string open E, and it sounded very nice, but sometimes you just get these ideas. What if I open tuned a twelve-string? All it meant was translate what Mississippi Fred McDowell was doing – twelve-string slide – into five-string mode, which meant a ten-string guitar.

The Rolling Stones – Wild Horses – Live On Copacabana Beach

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