Keith RichardsThe Rolling StonesSingle Release

You Got Me Rocking

26 Sep, 1994

The band releasesYou Got Me Rocking, from the album, Voodoo Lounge. Richards:

I wrote it on piano. It’s sort of like a Little Richard thing. And then when I took it to guitar I really got interested in it. Because before that I was really doing a parody of something like rock and roll piano music. But then it sort of went Celtic on me. Some of these strange drone notes. And it sort of took on another life. And then Charlie got into it with this little go-go beat – this great tom tom bit – and I’m a sucker for that, man. You give me that, especially with Charlie Watts playing it. It was a heavy-duty jungle thing.

The Rolling Stones - You Got Me Rocking - OFFICIAL PROMO

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