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Charming Man interview

19 Oct, 2012

The band are interviewed by Charming Man, a Manchester music blog. On their influences:

There are tons of bands that have influenced us but Radiohead, The Killers and Interpol¬†probably the most prominent. We started out as a guitar band really, but were always interested in adding things like synths and strings. At the time my Mrs was in a band called Earl and they had been working with a David Luke from a band called My Computer who was a wizard with electro stuff. I picked his brains about what software to get and after a few months we had a new sound and some new tunes…I would say we have the same darkness in a lot of our tracks as Joy Division and my lyrics quite often share the same world weary view as those of Ian Curtis. New Order obviously pioneered and popularised synth and electro music and had more of a pop sensibility. They made music that will be played and fill dance floors for many years to come. We aim to achieve the same thing.

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