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GIGSoup interview

24 Dec, 2015

The band is interviewed by GIGSoup. On still working day jobs.

A lot of bands that are a higher level than us still have day jobs…we speak to them and they’re all on a decent label and having success but they still work. You just think, it would help (not having a job) because you could do like 20 date tours and go around Europe, we have got fans overseas and stuff, but for the moment it’s not on the horizon. You get a lot of trust fund kids basically in music these days and I think that’s why the accent seems to have been exclusively middle to upper class. It seems from the outside it looks easier to ‘make it’…it seems you just throw a video on Youtube, get 3 million views or whatever, and that’s it but you know there’s a lot more that goes on behind that, the time, the effort.

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