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CNBC interview

14 May, 2015

Gouw and Fonstad talk about diversity and their fund on CNBC with Boorstin. Fonstand:

Fundamentally we think diversity as a thesis is a very important part of any success in business. Whether that’s in a board room, in a venture firm or in a management team. But we think of diversity much more than just gender, though gender often becomes a litmus test for that. We certainly think that because we come at it from a different perspective that has given us a very wide scope from which to look at opportunities and to invite opportunities in. We’re collaborative in nature, we’re not trying to use sharp elbows and trying to knock out angel investment groups.

The two are optimistic that the recent media attention on Ellen Pao’s case will drive more change. Gouw:

The fastest way to make cultural change—because cultural change is very hard—is to start your own firm and build the culture from the ground up.

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