Tom Cruise

Jack Reacher

20 Dec, 2012

Cruise produces and stars as Jack Reacher in this action thriller directed by Don Granger, Gary Levinsohn, and Paula Wagner, based on Lee’s Child’s books. Barr’s request piques Reacher’s curiosity since he knows Barr committed cold-blooded murders during the war, but escaped on a technicality. With the help of Barr’s lawyer Helen, Reacher’s hunt for answers puts him in the crosshairs of dangerous assassin and his boss. Co-starring Werner Herzog and Rosamund Pike. Child says:

Cruise is a character actor. He really gets into a role. He can understand the role. He can project the vibe. But the only real answer is go see the movie. I guarantee you will come out of it and you will think, ‘What was I worried about?’

Jack Reacher - Official Trailer (HD)

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