Tom Cruise


10 Apr, 2013

Cruise plays Jack Harper in this sci-fi drama directed by Joseph Kosinski. An alien race has destroyed the planet by blowing up the moon, and while humanity ultimately won the war, the Pyrrhic victory has left Jack and his girlfriend Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) as isolated survivors commissioned to maintain the drones in order to protect the fusion reactors that are carrying energy to a space station. Kosinski:

There was no script, that’s kind of the amazing thing.  I showed the ashcan [to Tom Cruise], which is kind of like a little eight page preview…So we had a meeting out at his hanger and I pitched him the story—there was no script yet—and based on the pitch he signed on. That was the first time I had met him, but he was really enthusiastic and we just hit it off immediately as to what the film was really about.  I got a call from his agent right after the meeting saying, “No, seriously, normally it doesn’t work this way.  Normally there’s a script and there’s a process and everything, but he’s on board a hundred percent.”

Oblivion - Trailer

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