Tyler PerryFilm Appearance

Alex Cross

15 Oct, 2012

Perry plays a detective who is torn between justice and personal vengeance in the movie Alex Cross. When a wealthy and well-connected woman is found dead in her mansion Cross and his team is assigned to the case. They soon find themselves playing a cat and mouse game with a man that remains unidentifiable. After his wife is killed by the same mystery man, the case becomes a personal obsession for Cross.

Well, me being on screen and having the opportunity to just focus in on the character, be the character, and experience all of his different levels and complexities, from the doctor to the family man to being sensitive to being a complete animal when he’s been wrong and has to track the killer.  All of those things were quite intriguing to me.  I had the opportunity to play and be all of those emotions.

Alex Cross - Official Trailer (2012) Tyler Perry [HD]

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