Kerry WashingtonFilm Appearance

We The Peeples

10 May, 2013

Washington plays Grace Peeples, a woman who is affectionately sought after in the movie We The Peeples. Wade Walker decides to ask Grace for her hand in marriage at her family reunion in the Hamptons. He tries his best to impress her wealthy family and will take any steps to do so. Over the course of an eventful weekend, he learns that he may fit in better with the dysfunctional family than he ever could have anticipated. Co-stars David Alan Grier, Craig Robinson, and Melvin Van Pebbles. 

Yeah, I love that this movie … this year has been so serious with Django and Scandal and I love those roles and those opportunities but it’s great, especially right now, with what’s been going on in the world, it’s so great that this movie gives people a chance to laugh and smile and feel good about life, and about love and family and Craig Robinson.

Peeples Official Trailer #2 (2013) – Tyler Perry, Craig Robinson Movie HD

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