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Father blames access to guns

4 Oct, 2015

Mercer’s father, Ian Mercer, says he doesn’t know where his son got his weapons.

How on earth could he compile 13 guns? How could that happen? We talk about gun laws. We talk about gun control. Every time something like this happens, they talk about it and nothing gets done. I’m not trying to say that that’s to blame for what happened, but if Chris had not been able to get hold of 13 guns, this wouldn’t have happened…It has to change. How can it not? Even people that believe in the right to bear arms, what right do you have to take people’s lives? That’s what guns are, the killers. Simple as that. Simple as that. It’s black and white. What do you want a gun for?

On his son’s mental state:

Obviously, somebody who goes and kills nine people has to have some kind of issue. Whatever it is, let the police determine what they find.

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