Valentino RossiMakes Statement

Happy with Pedrosa or Vinales as team-mate

5 May, 2016

Rossi says he would be happy with either Dani Pedrosa or Maverick Vinales as his Yamaha teammate.

I think that for the second rider, [Yamaha title sponsor] Movistar wants a Spanish rider and Vinales or Pedrosa are the most possible [options]. I don’t know the percentage, one more than the other, you have to speak with Yamaha. But for me, it’s the same. [They are] two very different riders; Pedrosa very, very strong, very fast, already demonstrated his great potential, but a little bit older. Vinales, a great talent, already demonstrated but in MotoGP not a lot of experience. But a lot younger, so it’s a little bit different. For me, essentially, it’s no difference. I have a great relationship with Pedrosa and with Vinales.

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