Valentino RossiMakes Statement

Leads Monza Rally

28 Nov, 2015

Rossi ends the second last day of the Monster Energy Monza Rally with a 33.6s lead over the competition at the Italian rally event, which cuts across the Monza national park and the Grand Prix circuit. There are still two final stages remaining on the last day. If Rossi wins, it will be his fourth time to win the event.

Monza is always a great moment and a great way to finish the season because I get great enjoyment from it this year and this year I am in front so I am happy. For a long, long time I’ve returned to this rally because I like this event. You have the thrill of the race but less pressure than in MotoGP so I can enjoy it. I can drive this car which is fantastic. Also in our team we have Brivio and Uccio, so it always good fun.

Monza Rally Show VR46. Video completo a breve!

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