Valentino RossiMakes Statement

Losing championship ‘hurt’

12 Nov, 2015

Speaking to italian reporters, Rossi says that it will take months to get over his World Championship loss.

Honestly on Sunday after the race it hurt but it’s a different situation as there is lots of adrenaline. On Monday instead it was tough and yesterday [Tuesday], too, it was quite a struggle. Today [Wednesday] it has been a bit better, but it’s something, a situation, that will take months to – not forget it, because you’ll never forget it – but to come to terms with.

He also questions Honda cancelling its press conference:

I’m curious to see Honda’s telemetry. Oh, they haven’t shown it? Strange! I’d like to figure out how they think they can demonstrate through telemetry that I had kicked him. This is something you should ask them. Poor guys, they wanted to show it but for the good of motorcycle racing they won’t…

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