Valentino RossiMakes Statement

MotoGP ‘Will never be safe’

12 Jun, 2016

Following the death of Luis Salom, Rossi says that MotoGP will never be safe.

If I thought a little bit I could give to you a minimum of 10 corners, Motegi, Turn 4, for example. It’s something where every year we go and we say ‘we need more run-off.’ You check the situation. You cannot extend the run-off area, this is the reality,” he added. During the season you have a lot of points where if something happened with the bike you don’t have enough space. I remember in Jerez some years ago, Roberto Locatelli had the accident at the exit of Turn 10. The steering was stuck to the left and he went into the wall on the left in a place that is straight. In a place where it’s straight, it’s impossible to have 100 metres of run-off area. We’d have to race in the desert. Maybe Qatar is the only place where that’s OK, [but Marc] Marquez tried a start this year and he locked the front and he went to the left. It’s very difficult to have 100% safety. Unfortunately it’s something that you cannot fix.

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