Valentino RossiMakes Statement

Phillip Island Day 2: ‘Good from beginning to end’

18 Feb, 2016

Rossi improves his performance on the second day of testing, finishing fourth.

Yesterday I did just 7-8 laps, but the first impression was bad and I was a bit worried. But today, with good conditions, already from this morning I was able to go fast and have a good feeling. It is different to ride [with Michelins], but at the same time I like it. It is very funny. This is important. It was a good day from beginning to end. I always stayed [near the top]. At the end I am fourth, but the distance from first position is very close and also I didn’t put new tyres at the end. We will see tomorrow if we can improve. Also the good thing is that we always made progress, step-by-step. We improved quite a lot.

Rossi also says that he is getting used to the balance of his Michelin tires.

For me the front is still a little bit worse compared to Bridgestone but the rear is better. So on balance it is very similar.

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