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Rossi: ‘Tricked, betrayed’ by Marquez

11 Mar, 2016

In an interview with Gazzetta World, Rossi talks more about hsi relationship with Marquez.

After what happened we can no longer have a relationship.¬†However, we must be opponents on the track, for some years I hope, and we have to respect each other. That is important…More than anything I allowed myself to be tricked by Marquez. He really betrayed me. He said he was a fan but those were all lies. I almost believed him and I was ready to have a rivalry with him, giving 100 percent on the track, but those were all lies on his end. At Assen I realised he was only my friend when he beats me.

Referencing an act of on-track revenge by Ayrton Senna in F1:

When Senna raced I didn’t like him. I cheered for Nigel Mansell, and when he joined Ferrari, I cheered for Prost. But I really liked what Senna did at Suzuka in 1990 [when Senna deliberately took both himself and title rival Prost out at Turn 1]. He was ‘worked over’ the year before and then he did what he had to. He showed some balls.

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