Valentino RossiMakes Statement

Says Michelins demand more concentration

12 Apr, 2016

Rossi says Yamaha and Michelin should work to improve his bike’s situation, but the only way he can avoid more crashes is to ride more precisely.

I think I have no solution. I think that the tyre will remain like this, and I think Michelin can work, for sure, but especially we have to work on the bikes to improve them. Try to make a better match with these tyres. But especially not try to make any mistakes. For sure, the situation is different for us [than to Honda] on these tyres. Last year, the Bridgestone maybe had some other problems, but are very safe on the front. This year, if you make a small mistake, you pay. In that corner I entered with the same speed, there are two bumps, and maybe I was more inside, maybe I lost concentration, maybe I wanted more, and I lost the front.

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