Valentino RossiMakes Statement

Second set of tyres ‘did not feel good’

3 Apr, 2016

Rossi says the decision to change the bikes mid-race was not in his favor.

For me, personally, no. Because we can make all of the race without any problem. We can do 25 laps. But for safety reasons it is OK like this. In the first part I was a lot stronger, a lot more competitive. I thought that I could do a very good fight to try to win. It’s also a shame because, essentially, during the weekend with Yamaha, we never had problems with the tyres. So for the problem of another bike we needed to change everything when we don’t suffer. For some reason with the second bike, especially with the second set of tyres, I didn’t feel good. I had a lot more problems to have the same pace.

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