Valentino RossiMakes Statement

Valencia Test Day 1

10 Nov, 2015

Rossi tests out the 2016 Yamaha M1 with new electronics and Michelin tires at Valencia. His best time of 1’32.401 puts him in twelfth place.

It‘s a big change and it will be interesting, especially the tyre will make a big difference for next year. A lot changed, especially the setting, the weight distribution of the bike and everything. It looks like our competitors are a little ahead, because they‘ve made more kilometres with the Michelin, but it‘s just the first day. I also tried the new electronics and also that, as I expected, was quite a big step because it‘s like going a little bit into the past. However, that too could be interesting and it‘s only the first day, we have a lot to work on. The rear tyre is very similar and Michelin is good, it has very good grip. The front is the big difference.

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