Valentino RossiMakes Statement

Yamaha investigating engine failure

24 May, 2016

Silvano Galbusera, Rossi’s crew chief says that Yamaha are still investigating the cause of Rossi’s engine blowout at the Italian GP. Rossi told Galbusera that the last engine that blew was at Misano in 2007. Galbusera also adds that engines that fail to such a degree are not a Yamaha tradition. He also says that Lorenzo’s engine, which blew out in qualifying, had significantly more kilometers than Rossi’s, and that swapping Rossi’s engine before the race and sending the Italian to the grid with a brand new lump would have been even riskier.

It’s bad luck. We removed engines with twice the number of kilometers…We are not are able to understand what happened yet. The engine will be fully analyzed.

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