Viola DavisFilm Appearance

Lila & Eve

17 Jul, 2015

Davis stars in this movie about Lila, a single mother whose son Stephon is killed in a drive-by shooting. When the police show little enthusiasm for solving the case, she joins a group of grieving mothers, where she connects with Eve (Jennifer Lopez), who has suffered a similar loss. The two set out to take revenge. The film is written by Pat Gilfillan and directed by Charles Stone III.

I completely drew on being a parent, and so did Jennifer. I have a friend, Julie Norris, who in 1988 lost a child to murder. She was a 7-year-old and she was playing in her grandma’s backyard in the middle of the day with her brothers and sisters and cousin. And her body was found and she’d been beaten, raped and strangled, and they found no clothes on her body. So I’ve been speaking to Julie as I was putting the project together. I always wanted to start from a place that’s real. The screenwriter spent two years with mothers of murdered children, and as a result, the experience felt like it was conveyed in a realistic way.

Lila & Eve Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Jennifer Lopez, Viola Davis Thriller HD

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