Warren SappInterview

Police video released

20 Apr, 2015

TMZ releases a police interview video of Sapp talking about the events leading up to his arrest.

I put the $600 dollars on the table, everybody got naked.

He says a dispute began when one of the women asked for a “tip” — and he told both of the women to leave. One of the women grabbed his cell phone and called hotel security. The woman then spat on him — which angered the other escort, and the two women began to argue. The argument spilled into the hallway, where he chased after them get his phone back, while naked. Luckily, Sapp says the dead bolt kept the door from closing and he went back into the room. At the end of the video Sapp appears distressed when the realizes he may go to jail.

Warren Sapp – Video Of Hooker Arrest

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