Wentworth MillerMagazine Cover

August Man Malaysia cover

1 Sep, 2014

wentworth-miller-covers-august-man-exclusiveMiller appears on the cover of the September 2014 issue of August Man Malaysia magazine. He talks about his struggle with depression, coming out as gay, and focusing on the present.

You know to be honest, these days I don’t dwell too much on the past or the future. The present is much more interesting. I’m grateful for the jobs I’ve had but I don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about them. Recently this guy came up to me and he was a big fan of Prison Break and he had all these questions about some plot point in Season Two. And I only had a vague recollection of what he was talking about. For him it was totally fresh because he’d just watched the show on DVD or whatever. But for me it was like, ‘We shot that stuff eight years ago,’ I don’t even remember my character’s middle name or if he had one.

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