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5 Apr, 2015

60 Minutes: Wikimania

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The site is profiled on CBS’ 60 Minutes, in a segment called Wikimania, hosted by Safer. Safer asks about the origins of the site, the who the readers are:

In general I would say we’re a lot of geeks. A lot of tech geeks. A lot of people who are really passionate about information.

Gardner on Wikipedia’s Gender Gap:

Women are less likely to kinda geek out at their computer for 10, 20, 40 hours. I mean, there’s a reason that the stereotype of the hacker is a guy in a filthy T-shirt eating Doritos, right? Like, that’s hard. A woman is less likely to get social permission to be in a dirty T-shirt eating Doritos.

Wales, on running the site as a charity:

It just felt right that we should be a charity, free knowledge for everyone. So that’s always been our philosophy…If we were ad supported, we would always be thinking about, well, gee, look at all these people reading about Elizabethan poetry. There’s nothing to sell them. Let’s try to get them to read about hotels in Las Vegas, or something like this. And we don’t. We just don’t care.

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